•    Shop at Mickey's Mart.   Everything is "Ten Dollars and Under".   Bargain hunters will
    definitely want to check this place out!   Located in Downtown Disney Marketplace
    between Disney Tails and Disney  at Home.
  •     Parking is FREE.
  •     Check out the wonderful interactive fountains where children may enjoy playing and
    getting wet.
  •     The Lego Imagination Center has a FREE 3,000-square-foot outdoor play area filled
    with thousands of   LEGO blocks.
  •      In the evenings, Downtown Disney Pleasure Island is now an un-gated area, allowing
    guests to free-flow through without purchasing an admission. However, admission is still
    required for entry into the nightclubs.

  •      If you drive to the Boardwalk, you can get a free 3-hour parking permit
    from the lot attendant.
  •      It's fun just walking around and enjoying the atmosphere!
  •      For a small fee you can try your luck at a carnival-style games.
Tips for shopping at  DownTown Disney
Disney's Boardwalk Tips